What I offer






One to one Coaching ( Face to Face or via Skype)

We can have Coaching in English, Spanish and Romanian.

  • Based on a multimodal Coaching approach
  • Focused on the individual need, respecting your uniqueness
  • Relying on recent available research in the field

Face to face Coaching is possible in Brussels. 

Working principles

  • I believe in the human potential; each person is whole and complete and has the inner resources to get the best of own life
  • I believe in partnership and the power of co-creation
  • I believe that everything is possible if you work enough well for it
  • I believe this world could be a better place if each of us does what she/he knows best
  • I believe change is a constant of our life
  • I believe in a world where people go happy to their work on a Monday morning

What you can get from Coaching:

  • More confidence in yourself

  • Personal growth

  • More clarity in life and career

  • Better use of your strengths

  • More impact with your Personal Brand

  • Develop new skills for life and career


Training Programs

 Professional Training Programs addressed to professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders or coaches. 

Participatory Leadership/ Art of Hosting methodology

Adult learning principles

Coaching techniques


  • develop your identity based on strengths and authenticity to increase your impact
  • develop basic coaching skills in working with your team and instal a coaching culture
  • grow as a leader by learning self-leadership first and getting ready to lead your team
  • become aware about the cultural differences that might interfere in your relationships and learn to cooperate more effectively cross-culturally
  • learn more about your passions and discover what gives you meaning and purpose 



Companies I worked with: Daimler, Continental, Bosch, TAKATA,  LEONI, MSG Systems, MAHLE, ENDAVA 


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