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What is your big arrow?

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Discover the power of coaching

What is coaching? 

The word ‘coaching’ comes from the English ‘coach’  which was used to transport people from one place to another.

We could say that coaching it is a journey and moreover a process that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

My first question would be:

Where would you like to get?

What is your goal?

It’s all about progress and movement. If the picture above inspires you, you can imagine that together we will jump in”coaching” and travel together to the next destination that you envision.

Where are you now?

  1.  When we meet, you will be in a certain point of your life; let’s called it A point. That is your present situation that we need to take a look at.

  2. During our conversation we will establish very clear where would you like to go, let’s called it a B point. This is how we start to define your GOAL or what would you like to achieve.

  3. Together, we will establish an ACTION PLAN, with all the resources and OPTIONS you have in order to get to your desired destination.

  4. In the final step you need to establish what you WILL DO in order to get where you want. The time you need to get there depends on how engaged you are in respecting your action plan. 

One of the most popular models of coaching that explains the story above is GROW, developed by Sir John Whitmore, and successfully used in life and business coaching.

G- stands for GOAL

R- stands for REALITY

O-stands for OPTIONS

W-stands for WILL

What’s your next step?

Why coaching? 

 Coaching brings BENEFITS for both individuals and organizations.

Whether you are a youth worker, a  leader or professional, you can benefit of coaching for getting at your personal best in your life and career. Coaching can help you to: 
  • What you can get from Coaching:

    • More confidence in yourself

    • Personal growth

    • More clarity in life and career

    • Better use of your strengths

    • More impact with your Personal Brand

    • Develop new skills for life and career

    • Achieve your goals

Coaching is a meaningful conversation,  that brings into light what is important to you, triggers insight and empowers you to develop a better version of yourself. 


I trust coaching as being a very person oriented approach, personalized to each person’s need. There are no recipes in coaching, only things that work well or less for you. You are in charge of choosing your path to succeed.  

Besides that, many studies consider coaching the most powerful  method of learning and development.

Coaching is empowering and builds confidence.

It helps you to look inside yourself, understand better your needs, your thoughts, your fears or the obstacles that stay between you and your goals.

 What is NOT coaching? 

Many times coaching is being confused with other practices.
It is important to clarify that:

 Coaching is not Therapy, Mentoring or Counseling. Definitely it is not Public Speaking.

The best reference for finding out what coaching truly is ICF, the International Coach Federation (ICF) 


 How coaching works?

The coaching partnership

I’m OK you are OK.  

We base our relationship on collaboration, respect trust and acceptance.

My role as a coach would be to:

  • Offer you support, acceptance and respect for who you are as a human being, without judgement

  • Fully listen to you

  • Address you questions and inquiries

  • Offer you tools for development

  • Believe in You 

Your role would be to:

  • Keep an open minded attitude

  • Trust the process

  • Take responsibility for your own development

  • Commit to your action plan


Understand the coaching process

``You are the master of your destiny. You can make your life what you want it to be ” Napoleon Hill

Is Coaching right for you?

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