Are you facing challenges in your life?

Do you feel something is missing?

Do you want to change something?

Let's talk about things that matter to you!

Together we can explore your most important motivations in life and understand the challenges that you are facing. 

You are not your emotions. They are influenced by your thoughts. You are not your thoughts either.

Together we can work around your way of thinking in order to create more helpful ways of living.

You will get more clarity and more confidence to make things happen.

Because you deserve it!


Coaching can help you to:

    • Make the changes you want in your life

    • Change your way of thinking and behaving in order to improve your life or performance

    • Gain clarity about what is really important to you in order to make better decisions

    • Learn how to use your strengths and create value with your Personal Brand

    • Increase your self-confidence to express and expand your potential

    • Learn about what works for you and how to achieve your goals

    • Build more meaning in your life and career

    • Increase your leadership power and influence




Situations in which coaching can help:


Expat life

Living in a new country can bring many challenges in one’s life. What in the beginning seems exciting and full of opportunities, can result in becoming an unexpected struggle.
The cultural shock, the language barrier, and unrealistic expectations make us experience feelings like confusion, frustration, and sadness because we miss our friends, our family, and our old lifestyle. However, if we want to make it through, it is important to adjust and become aware that an external life change requires a deep change inside of us, as well.  Sometimes we will need to reinvent ourselves personally and professionally in order to find our place in the new space. Are you ready to discuss that?
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Career development

 85 % of people are unhappy with their jobs. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or already at the midway, thoughts, and emotions may indicate that something is not going right. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, blocked, lack of learning or progress, emptiness, or a strange feeling that what you are doing is not meaningful anymore. This might be the internal compass which is saying that it is time to sail in a new direction. Do you want to wake up happy on a Monday morning? 


Self-confidence is something we might struggle to find regardless of age, status, or job position. However, it is an essential asset in coping with everyday challenges and finding happiness. Lack of self-confidence comes with feelings of helplessness, shame, self-doubt which makes it hard to make decisions, plan the future and fulfill potential. A confident person is trusting her own judgment and abilities, value herself for who she is as a person, and feels worthy, regardless of any imperfections or of what others may believe about her. Do you need more confidence?



Making life decisions

The decision-making process is an important function of our brain but sometimes is a hard thing to do especially when it is about something important to us. Choosing a profession, getting married, accepting a new job, etc. can be very challenging even after we analyzed all the pros and cons. There are lots of thoughts and emotions that might confuse us and create a blurry story in our head. There are so many opportunities, so many possible scenarios, yet it is hard to know what is the best and Google cannot give an answer. Do you want to learn how to make better decisions?




How coaching works

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that provides you the space for a focused and meaningful conversation, that will help you to unlock your potential and start creating the life you want. 

My role as a coach would be to:

  • Offer support, acceptance and respect, no judgment
  • Fully listen to you
  • Address you questions and inquiries
  • Offer tools for your development
  • Believe in You

Your role would be to:

  • Keep an open-minded attitude
  • Trust the process
  • Take responsibility for your own development
  • Commit to your action plan

These People Have Changed Their Lives

“Andreea’s guidance opened up a new way of thinking for me and I realized that I always have a choice to improve. Her positive attitude and passion for us to take the journey together and her enthusiasm to empower me to become a better version of myself, blended with her professional methods, inspired me to stick to the exercises with joy. I’m very thankful for this experience! “
Yasaman Ramazani Ph.D., Iran
“I learned a lot about myself and coaching with Andreea inspired me to be a better person. I could tell she was very professional  and she gave me concrete tools how to deal with conflicts, how to give feedback and how to improve my skills. The most useful I found the change on my way of thinking. I didn’t do things anymore because I had to but because I wanted to. We had very positive meetings and week by week I felt stronger and stronger!”


Tiia Bucovschi, Counselor Finland
“I am so proud and thankful, that I had the chance to work with Andreea and shape myself. Each of our meeting was a lovely path to design a new me. Her detailed and well-structured coaching sessions were personally based developed, that helped Brand myself. It was a journey to self-discovery, making a new lifetime, going ahead by relying on myself and my hidden power”



Arthur Sunset, Youth worker Armenia