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What are the behaviors of a confident person?

We often speak about self-confidence asset an and we feel admiration when we meet persons that show self-confidence. However, it is not always clear what a confident person looks like. Once we clarify this aspect, it becomes easier for each of us to train and cultivate behaviours that make us feel more confident in ourselves.

Do you know what the behaviours of confident people are? Let’s take a look at the following list. Please feel free to add more.

Photo by Blake Weyland on Unsplash
1. They do not judge others. Confident people do not judge, because they know nobody is perfect, not even themselves. Despite this, they accept themselves as they are, and in this way, they manage to accept others as they are as well. 
2. They look for balance. Usually, they cultivate a balanced lifestyle which gives them emotional stability and we recognize it especially because they manage to stay calm even in crisis situations. They are oriented to solutions and they believe that “whatever happens, they will ultimately manage somehow”. 
3. They never stop improving. True confidence is firmly planted in reality. Confident people regularly do an honest and accurate self-assessment of what they are good at and what needs to be improved, or what are their strengths and flaws. This helps them to never stop learning and improving. 
4. They accept challenges. Even if they do not feel totally confident in what they are about to do, confident people accept to engage in new activities, to try something they have never done without having expectations of being perfect. They accept being novices and learn something new in order to enjoy life. 
5. They recover faster from a setback. Confident people trained their minds to look at failure as an opportunity to learn, therefore when they face a setback they reflect on the lesson learned. Thus, it takes less for them to recover and get back on track. 
6. They don’t take things personally. Confidence comes from knowing your worth and what you have to offer, therefore you do not take it personally when someone disagrees with you or even offends you. You know that if something like that happens, it says more about the other person than about yourself. 
7. They do not need to prove anything to anyone. As long as you have something to demonstrate to other people, you are not truly free. Confident people know that and they try to perform in order to improve themselves and create value for others, not to impress. 
8. They do not take others’ success as their failure. Confident people don’t compare themselves with others, because they know people are different and each one has his/her own journey in life. The success of their friends or colleagues is a reason to get content and inspired “ because it is possible”, and wait for the right time for their own success. 
9. They know their limits. The ability to say “no” implies knowing yourself and your own limits. Being comfortable saying “no” gives you more control over your life and better emotional health.  
10. They know they always have a choice. Confident people are aware that they are the main character in their life and they can always make a choice regarding their present and future: whom to love, where to live, how to behave, how to think, how to live, whom to trust etc. Of course, they know that they cannot control everything and they do not strive for this, they accept the mystery of life and navigate the uncertainty with grace, giving it personal meaning. 

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