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Coaching Psychologist & Trainer

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Get the best of yourself and others

      I support professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders to build up on their strengths, develop new competences, increase self-confidence and open the right opportunities for getting at the next level in life or career.

     If you are in a moment of career struggle, life change or challenge, or you feel that you are missing something in your life, you are in the right place!

       Coaching is a creative process, an open and meaningful conversation, that stimulates the mind and the spirit to get out the best of  yourself.




A short intro about my experience in numbers.


Personal Coaching

Coaching is helpful in any area of your life. Therefore, Personal Coaching could be very powerful for your Personal Growth helping you to develop new competencies and attitudes for getting to the next level of your development.

Career coaching

Coaching helps you to know yourself better, to build on your strengths and get closer to your career aspirations. Similarly, enables you to achieve better results at work, make better career decisions, improve your performance and professional opportunities.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is the way you present yourself and what you have to offer to the others. It’s the mark you leave behind. Above all, if you are an Entrepreneur or Leader a strong personal brand helps you to add unique value to your service and as a result to have a greater impact.

HR Consulting

I support organisations to create a Coaching Culture by enabling the development of managers and leaders to meet the challenges due to organisational change. Therefore, I create tailor made Training and Coaching programs that help organisations to learn and increase their performance.

I can be helpful for


Steps to your coaching journey

Contact me

This is the first step to get to know each other. I’m interested to know more about you and what would you like to get from coaching.

Make an appointment

You can take a look at the calendar and book a day that fits you better. I’m quite flexible to adapt to different time zones or weekend meetings.

I will analyze your need

First of all, I will need you to tell me in a few words what brings you to coaching and what will be the topic of our conversation. If you don’t have it very clear yet, we can discover it together.

Get into the coaching process

The coaching process starts with our first session. Also, this is a test of compatibility between the client and the coach. Finally, it’s up to you how many sessions would you like to have, but usually up to 3 sessions are needed in order to complete a full coaching cycle.

Accomplish your goals

The results of the coaching sessions will be visible in practice. Due to your commitment and responsibility, the change you what you want in your life will get shape easily. We will make an action plan together, so this will give you directions.


Creating a coaching culture in the EU by offering professional coaching, opening access to people to experience coaching or to become coaches and supporting organizations to develop a coaching culture.

Andreea ASTILEAN (Munteanu) is a PhD Cognitive-Behavioral Psychologist, International Certified COACH in Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching and Certified Trainer (ANC).

Coaching Stories

“Andreea’s guidance opened up a new way of thinking for me and I realized that I always have a choice to improve. Her positive attitude and passion for us to take the journey together and her enthusiasm to empower me to become a better version of myself, blended with her professional methods, inspired me to stick to the exercises with joy. I’m very thankful for this experience! “

Yasaman, Belgium

“I learned a lot of things about myself and coaching with Andreea inspired me to be a better person. I could tell she was very professional on what she did and she gave me concrete tools how to deal with conflicts, how to give feedback and how to improve my skills for example. The most useful I found the change on my way of thinking. I didn’t do things anymore because I had to but because I wanted to, nothing is a must!  I have a very positive idea on our meetings and week by week I felt stronger and stronger!”


Tiia, Finland

I am so proud and thankful, that I had the chance to work with Andreea and shape myself. Each of our meeting was a lovely path to design a new me. Her detailed and well-structured coaching sessions were personally based developed, that helped brand myself. It was a journey to self-discovery, making a new lifetime, going ahead by relying on myself and my hidden power”.


Arthur, Armenia

“It’s about personal growth, discovering who you truly are, what you love and all your capabilitiesIt gets to a point that words are not enough to describe the experience.

Where are you? HERE

What time is it? NOW

Who are you? THIS MOMENT

Embrace every single moment and the little blessings of life! Live your life to the fullest!” 



Marta, Spain

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